Should airlines discriminate against height?

I am a tall guy, and as such do not usually fit in an airlines standard seating arrangement – usually I'll have to opt for extra legroom.

I understand that airlines will charge more for extra legroom as it is considered a luxury to most. However, for us tall folk, it's a necessity. I think it's absolutely absurd that airlines will charge up to three times the price for extra legroom space for those who need it. I am in physical pain if I cram my legs into a standard seat.

I've complained multiple times to various different airlines, usually to no avail. Surely this is height discrimination? Or am I being stupid – is it actually fair to be charged a stupid high premium to sit somewhat comfortably on a plane? Those who are shorter (or actually average height) are free to sit comfortably with no additional fee, so why should I have to… just because I'm taller?

Do I have a leg to stand on (no pun intended), or am I being ridiculous?

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