Does anybody else feel guilty about staying at resorts?

When I think of a resort, I think of an expensive, materialistic, cut-out "comfort zone" in countries where everyday households don't resemble 1st world households.

My mother, grandfather, and I are from the U.S and we are planning a trip to South Africa sometime in October or November of 2021 (hopefully!) My grandfather doesn't really care but my mother is definitely one of those travelers that refuses to stay in an airbnb, hotel, condo, or whatever if it's not in western Europe or Canada basically. So that leaves resorts. South Africa can sound alarming to people who don't do the research, most crime in petty crimes, and even the violent crime rarely effects U.S tourists. Not to mention, the USD to ZAR rate is amazing and hotels or airbnb's are great for the price.

This is definitely a personal feeling and everyone is entitled to their own feelings, but I can't stand resorts, I feel like I'm some pretentious, materialistic, spoiled baby who can't handle the actual country. When I visit somewhere else I want to be a part of that place for a little while, I want to be one of the people walking in the streets, shopping in stores, eating in the restaurants. Not somebody who is just in the same border on a map that is tucked away in a tiny sliver of pampering.

I also feel bad for the workers and service members. Yes I'm completely aware that resorts provide jobs for locals, but are usually poorly paid and overworked. And I can't help but remember that fact when I'm laying down by the pool and a waiter asks me if I'd like to have champagne or assorted cheese.

I remember asking my mother how her adventures were after she got back from a trip to Mexico and the Dominican Republic. And her answer was what sparked all this thought. "Everybody mostly stayed in the resort, it was really nice"

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