Spain>Corsica>Italy>Switzerland>Germany: reasonable route for first time solo travel through Europe?

Hey guys, I've just discovered this great subreddit because lately I've been having a major urge to just drop everything and go. I just spent the entirety of the last decade focusing on my studies and feeling like I've let alot of traveling opportunities pass me by. I finally got a job and I'm slowly making money but I've convinced myself that by next spring, if/if not the world goes back to normal that I want to take out maybe 3-4 months to travel while I'm still young in spirit.

I know that I want to hit Spain as well as Italy and maybe go up till Northern Europe. For some reason, my heart isn't too set on mainland France (I've never been but I'm currently living in Quebec and want to really feel out of my comfort zone) and so I've been thinking of checking out Corsica since I've heard its really beautiful and has many amazing hiking trails.

I love urban cities, beautiful architecture, history, hiking, and just meeting people from a different culture. Can anyone tell me if this route sounds reasonable? I'm not under the strictest budget but I am trying to keep it reasonable, under 6-8k, but I also want to make sure that I'm not underbudgeting. I've only started thinking about it recently and I want to make sure that the route isn't too unreasonable. My heart wants to go everywhere but I know that I can only visit so many places at once. I'd love to hear any recommendations or any stories from people who did similar trips! 😀

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