Who else was excited to travel in the following months?

Hi all, I was supposed to go to Canada for the first time next month with my cousin. We still have the flights purchased but have recognized that we will most likely not be able to go. I guess we are holding on dumb luck. We havent changed because that week was the one week that we could both go.

Anybody else had trips you had to cancel or are probably going to have to cancel? If so where?

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NY Toll – keep getting a bill after paying (Niagara to Buffalo)

I travel to NY State, every time I paid toll in cash but since December 2019 I’ve been getting bills from Tollsbymaillny for all my pervious trips.

It’s $1 per way all from Grand Island N/S but I don’t understand what this is for since I paid the toll at the booth every time.

Is this a weird service charge or something of that sort?

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Question: Refund for flight if the connecting flight is cancelled?

Hello and thank you in advance. Given all of the flight cancellations happening around the world right now, I'm in a situation where I was to travel to Dubai, but the carrier canceled the flight from the United States. I know I should receive a refund for that whole booked trip. However, I have booked a flight from Dubai to Muscat with a different carrier for the days when I was to be there. Since I am no longer able to get to Dubai, should the second carrier give me a refund for the flight I can no longer make? Failing that, should my credit card's trip cancellation insurance kick in in this instance?

Thank you

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Balkans or Baltics?

Hey all

Planning a trip, COVID19 not withstanding of course, to Europe. Ill have exactly 14 days to work with in the height of touristy summer, and was wondering if i ought to do a Baltics trip or a Balkans

Ive been to Slovenia and Sarajevo but really want to explore the rest (or some of) the region and countries.

However, I also am interested in a more straightforward Baltic states trip as well.

Anyone have suggestions or lean one way or the other? I am not interested in going to the beach, i dont mind heat or cold, and i like food and drink, museums, cultural and historical sites, the standard stuff

I have no strict budget, I assume the Baltics are decently pricier but not horribly so. I'll be in Europe from 12 July to 26 July, assuming of course It isnt cancelled by then.

I should note that I'm not opposed to touristy areas (i.e. Dubrovnik, Mostar, etc) but im also quite happy off the beaten path or in nature as well


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Current Dispute with Orbitz, Coronavirus Related Information (DO NOT RECOMMEND)


Purchased a spring break trip with 5 friends in december, leaving March 12-21st. First way was with jet blue, going back with American airlines.

Jet blue ticket cost per person, $150

American ticket cost per person, $105.50

March 16th: Felt unsafe in the current climate. Review American Airlines policy of waiving the fee for changing a flight, as well as Orbitz's coronavirus policy, which operated the same.

We found an outbound flight that had cost us $106.50 per person. So collectively, it was $6 more or $1 per person more than our original fare. Granted, we have to pay that fare difference, however was notified on the phone with our agent that the fare difference was so minimal and due to the climate of the virus, Orbitz was waiving the fare difference. From then on we got our updated itinerary and receipt which was unchanged besides the destination and airports. Note that the price was never adjusted because there never had to be an adjustment because the fees were supposed to be waived from each party.

Skip to April 1st: I receive 6 charges (for 6 passengers), for amounts of $954.20. I called up American Airlines they said that the ticket was $1,059 for each person on March 16th. However they said that they didn't adjust it, that was Orbitz's adjustment. In conclusion, that was not the American Airlines ticket price.

I call Orbitz who continues to tell me that that was the ticket price, and the $954 is the difference in fare. Yet, forget the technicalities for a second. What airfare from Florida to Connecticut (1stop) during this coronavirus crisis is costing $500, let alone $1000?! Anyhow, they continue to deny it and once I mentioned that the agent over the phone never disclosed this because he didn't, he clearly stated the price was $106 and that the fare difference would be waived, they said they will review the telephone conversation I had with the agent on March 16th, and if it matched with what I was saying.

Currently, I am at a $6,000 loss right now due to the fraudulent and terrible customer service that Orbitz had so far provided. While I am 100% confident as are my other passengers who stood as witnesses with me when making the call, I feel as if Orbitz may try to pull a fast one on this. I will update reddit with any new information and if anybody has any suggestions please let me know!

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it’s unethical for large tour companies to cancel trips AND keep your $10000. Especially for customers who are suddenly out of work who need this money desperately as they burn through savings.

These people are the least able to weather the loss of income, and holding $10000 hostage is unethical, no matter what the stupid company policy now says.

The policies are ever changing. I've seen one company extend the travel credit expiration from dec 2021 to dec 2022.

But nothing beats cash.

How lucky have you been in getting a refund, despite their written policy?

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