“Payment failed” – Help with credit card problem

Hi everyone!

My girlfriend and I have been travelling around the world for a little while now and we're constantly running into the same problem with our credit cards when trying to buy plane tickets.

Weirdly enough, our credit card payments often get declined, which is quite frustrating when we find tickets at a good price.

We have three credit cards and sometimes all three get declined even if they are not blocked by our banks. We're using both Visa and MasterCard.

Sometimes, if we try again after a day or two, the payment will succeed (although, it's not always the case).

We haven't found out why it's doing this nor how to get around this problem.

Has anyone else had the same problem in the past, and if so, how did you solve it?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Do I need a visa for transit in Moscow?

Hi, next month I am about to fly from Germany to Vietnam/Ho Chi Minh City. The flight goes with Aeroflot to Moscow where I have to wait about 3 hours. Then I will have to take the next Aeroflot machine to Ho Chi Minh City.

I am not sure whether I need a transit visa for Russia or not. Can anyone help? 🙂

Edit: I am traveling with a German passport.

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Where did you find work for your second year Working Holiday Visa Australia?

Hi there!

I'm currently travelling in Australia and I'm shocked of all the horror stories I hear from people who have been trying to find eligible work for a 2nd or 3rd year Working Holiday Visa. Also, there is the wild growth of means to search for a job ranging from social media to job boards and special work hostels.

Which platform/medium did you use to find a job and why?
What would be the perfect platform/medium look like in your opinion?

Thank you in advance for your apply!

PS. If you want any advice or travel tips on the West Coast just sent me a message. I also have great tips for Perth and have some contacts which could maybe help you get a roof over your head or some work 🙂

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Layover and travel tips needed (Europe)

Hello all!

I will be flying to visit my friend for the month of May in Austria. I have some questions and then tip requests as I go through.

I am looking to book flights from closest airport (Atlanta). Currently they have a great deal on the following with layovers: ATL – JFK – VIE and reversed as return as well as ATL – YUL – VIE with reversed returns. After my points, only looking at $200 and change for the ticket round trip!

Let’s say I pick the first option. Will I need to clear customs each time? And when I arrive back at the US, will I clear customs at JFK then board my domestic flight back or clear in ATL?

Same with a connection in Canada or Dublin or London for example. Do I clear customs and then get on my connection to VIE?

I ask because I’m seeing many international flights with 1-2 hour layovers. That’s plenty if I don’t have to clear customs again during a connection.

As far as travel tips go, I will be staying with my friend in Vienna for the month. We plan to spend a weekend in Greece (Mykonos), London, and a friend’s house in Sweden. Since she has to work Monday-Thurs, I plan on doing a bit of solo traveling. Vienna has plenty to offer, but I’m also thinking of visiting other places. Any recommendations for good solo trips? Also any thoughts on a solo trip to Munich? (Non-German speaking here). And lastly if I did my research right, I should be able to safely pack 3 bottles of wine in my checked bag and declare at US customs correct? With a couple bucks on tax?


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Need helping finding a back up vacation

So I was planning on going to New Zealand for the month of May but now the plane ticket is 3000$ instead of the nice $1576 it was 2 days ago.

My deadline to book is third week of February. I am graduating college at the end of April. Before I join the work force I want to take up to a month vacation. Does anyone have any suggestions.

I am leaving from Toronto and my total budget is $4500. I prefer to stay at the budget but realistically I was probably going over it while in New Zealand

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I booked for the first time in Iberia and did not add middle name, should I be worried?

Hello guys, this can be a very common issue/question here, but please help me out, I'm hispanic I have 2 names, first and middle name and 2 last names, so in the Iberia System they never put a space for middle name so I just put my first name and 2 last names.

Now my flight doesn't have my middle name, Idk if I should be worried? Or what has been your experience with it?

Thank you

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