Long distance flights (8+ hrs) advice to keep one’s sanity

Hi all, I'm going on a 14 hr flight from Texas to South Korea in a couple weeks and will be the longest continuous flight I'll have taken. I'll be flying solo, luckily in business class. I'm not terribly fond of flying but do it a lot with my living situation away from my family. (not to Korea) Aside from my usual help from sleeping pills, how do people plan for flights this long? Is it better to get yourself tired first and sleep as long as possible? Or get the sleep done first?

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Flying a 84lb Bernadoodle overseas

Hello everyone –

I have recently gotten myself a situation that I have not been able to solve, so maybe you guys have a better solution for me.

Because of family reasons, I need to fly from Miami to Sao Paulo, Brazil my 84 lb Bernadoodle with me. Most airlines are not flying pets at this time and the few of them that are have a max restriction on weight, a total of 99 lbs dog and crate.

I have gotten all of the paper work/taxes/etc figured out already. However, I can not for the life of me find a crate that is light enough (15lbs) to be under the desired weight limit.

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions of airlines, crate recommendations (or anything, really) that could help me get my dog overseas that would not cost me a leg and an arm?

Most companies that ship dogs overseas charge over $2k + import taxes and I plan on bringing him back to the US at some point in next year.


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Bringing a dog Spain – UK

Hello! I recently moved to London and would like to bring my dog with me. It is my understanding that I need to hire one agency in Spain and one in UK to get my dog cleared by customs. Is this true?

The Spanish agencies I've contacted seem very unreliable. Has someone ever done this trip before? How did you do it? Could you recommend me any agencies?

Thank you so much!

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Recommendations for 3-day weekend with 12 and 9 year old kids, inland, intellectually stimulating?

Hi, all. Growing up my family took exactly one vacation, and I'm really bad at knowing what a good vacation looks like particularly for children. In the fight not to be like my dad….

In the next few weeks, I'd like to take my kids somewhere, continental U.S., no on-water activities, but beaches are fine. Want to spend a day or two doing something challenging/active, thinking climbing, zip lining, Parkour stuff even, active park type things. They just did a long road trip sight seeing, so we don't have to do that now.

I'm in Chicago, so museums are not a destination thing for us. They've seen them all, multiple times.

Would anyone kindly help?

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What tips do people have for handling an early arrival flight to your destination?

What tips do people have for handling an early arrival flight to your destination?

I booked flights to Thailand this winter. It's a 16h two stage flight via the Gulf that lands in Bangkok at 06:30. How do seasoned travellers deal with arriving hours before your hotel is ready and too tired from the flight to do much sightseeing?

Edit: Thanks Everyone! Some great advice. From what you're all saying I'm thinking:

Sleep on the second stage flight to adjust body clock to local timezone and arrive rested. Drop off luggage at hotel. See if early check in can be arranged in advance, OR Have a plan for something relaxing/not too strenous to do on arrival.

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Aussie wanting to work in the US

I am not finding much on Google, so I’m hoping someone here might have some advice… I am an Australian, 29 years old, and would like to work at a ski resort in the US. I do not have any contacts in the US and have no idea how to start the process of obtaining a work visa, or even “sponsorship.” Are there any Aussies here who have successfully attained a job in the US? More specifically at a ski resort? If so, how? Thank you!

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Wrong date of birth on my TUI ticket

Hi everyone, a few nights ago I booked a ticket with TUI but only now I'm realizing that my date of birth is wrong by one year, how can I fix it? My flight is in a week. (haven't checked in yet) Also, when you're at the gate before boarding the plane, can the TSA agents see your personal details on the screen or no? Just your first and last name? (like, can they see your date of birth etc…?) I'm asking this because if I can't manage to fix my dob on my ticket, at least I'm hoping that the TSA agents don't see my date of birth on their screen. I really hope I can fix this and if you could help me, that would be great

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Trip ideas for dad with mobility issues

Hello all, looking forward to getting traveling again and planning some trips. My dad will turn 70 this year and I want to take him on a trip. He has some mobility issues (balance) that are made worse by lots of walking. He loves to travel and these recent issues have really got him down.

So my question is, does anyone have any ideas for destinations or trip ideas that could be done with minimal walking?

We could always just sit on a beach in Mexico for example but would like to find some areas that could either combine beach with some culture or something completely different. Budget and location aren't issues.


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